Microsoft’s Edge browser supports viewing PDF files. It enables marking up PDFs with your own comments, highlights and drawings. Several keyboard shortcuts make for efficient navigation through a PDF.

Edge’s PDF Toolbar

screenshot of Edge browser’s PDF toolbar

While Edge displays a PDF, a toolbar is available across the top of the pane. Functions include:

  • Table of Contents - toggle the side pane view of the PDF’s table of contents. Headings in the ToC are clickable links.
  • Add text - add your own text to the PDF, great for filling in forms.
  • Draw, Highlight & Erase - you can annotate the PDF with highlights and free-hand drawing.

Adding Text / Notes

To add text to a PDF:

  1. Click the “add text” button on the toolbar.
  2. Move the mouse to the location on the PDF where you want to adfd text, the click the mouse to open the Add Text box.
  3. Enter text in the box.
  4. Using the buttons you can change the size of the text, colour and text width.
  5. Later you can edit the text by clicking on it.

Some other functions I use are detailed in the list of shortcuts below.

Shortcuts When Viewing PDFs

Ctrl + Shift + URead Aloud: text selection or entire PDF
Ctrl + \Toggle PDF between “fit to page” / “fit to width”
Ctrl + FFind
Ctrl + GFind Next Result
Ctrl+ Shift + GFind Previous Result
Ctrl + Alt + GSkip to page number
F7Toggle between caret browsing (cursor keyboard navigation) on / off
Ctrl + =Zoom in
Ctrl + -Zoom out
Ctrl + ]Rotate PDF clockwise 90°
Ctrl + [Rotate PDF counter-clockwise 90°
Ctrl + SSave
Ctrl + OPrint
Ctrl + WClose